Sushma Verma is an Indian Women's National Cricket Team player; who hails from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and is the first Cricketer from the State to represent India in the International Cricket. Sushma started playing Cricket at the age of 16 and has a keen interest in Wicket keeping and batting. She soon picked up the game and went to Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association and got selected for U19 Residential Academy. Her family was supportive throughout her journey, which helped her make decisions. In the recently concluded India-New Zealand Series, Sushma Verma equalled the world record of most dismissals in a match. She is all excited for the Women's World Cup next year. Also she had left a piece of advice for all the budding young cricketers. 

1. Tell us about yourself?Sushma Verma Indian Women National Player

Full Name : Sushma Verma (Sush)
Date of Birth : 3/11/1992
Playing Role : Wicket Keeper Batsman
Batting Style : Right Handed
Bowling Style : -
Country : India

2. What age did you start playing Cricket? How did you get in touch with the game?
I started playing when I was 16. Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association was opening residential academy for girls aged under 19 for that I went through selection process and got selected.

3. Who were your cricketing heroes whilst growing up?
Being a Wicket Keeper I always admired Adam Gilchrist and Sachin Tendulkar has always been my idol.

Sushma Verma4. Was your family supportive when you started off with Cricket? Was it ever hard for you to convince them?
Luckily, my family encouraged and supported my decision to take up cricket as a career and it wasn't a big deal to convince them as they knew my love for the game.

5. What do you enjoy the most on the field? Is it lofting the ball over boundaries, or breaking stumps or fielding?
Hitting the balls out of the fence is my favourite part but I do enjoy fielding session all the time.

6. If not Cricket, where else would you have landed up in your Career?
I was pursuing Masters in Mass Communication but had to drop the plans So as to give my whole time to cricket. If not a cricketer then definitely I would have landed in Journalism. Other than that I enjoy Photography as well.Indian Women's National Cricket Team

7. Any major challenges that you faced all these years? How do you feel can those challenges be addressed?
Honestly saying right from the beginning I have got immense support from my State Association. HPCA was the first one to come up with residential academy for girls at that time, so technically we were getting much better facilities.
Being a player I feel you need a healthy atmosphere around you in every way and if there are people around you are backing you up then any challenge can be conquered easily.

8. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
I feel the way BCCI is taking interest in women cricket along with Men, there is no doubt in the coming 5 years we will be easily beating teams like Australia and England who are currently dominating women cricket.
I strongly believe improvement gradually comes with experience, the more you put in the better is the output.

9. What would be that one goal of your life to achieve as a Cricketer?
My definite goal is to be part of The Indian Women Cricket Team winning the World Cup Trophy.

India Vs New Zealand Women's Cricket Match10. Which do you feel has been the biggest highlight of your sporting career so far? Any achievements or rewards that you cherish the most.
In the last T20 match against New Zealand I equalled the world record of most dismissals in a match and with that my team won that match also. So I would say so far this has been the highlight of my career and I strongly believe there are many more to come in the coming time.

11. There are a lot of men’s T20 leagues like the IPL, CPL, BPL, the Big Bash, etc which have been very successful recently. Do you think there is a need for a similar league for women?
Definitely there is a desperate need to introduce such leagues for women cricketers as well. This will certainly raise the bar of our game and will help us getting stabilised in terms of money as well.

12. What do you feel is the future of Women's Cricket in your Country?Sushma Verma celebrating with a Team member
With BCCI announcing central contracts for women cricketers, this will certainly provide stability to the players. The future is bright as the domestic circuit is improving with every passing season and not to forget there are Zonal and National camps in the off season for the betterment of upcoming talents.

13. Who would you credit most for your success and why?
My Family who always backed my abilities and kept faith through out these years. Then my state Association Himachal Pradesh which helped me groom into a better cricketer. Most important of all to the company 'BAS Vampire' who provide cricket equipments to help me stand out.

14. Your advice to the youngsters taking up Cricket as a career?
Don't forget Test Cricket is the true form of cricket. So if you dream of doing well in cricket, follow more of Test Cricket.

15. One thing that you want us (Global Cricket Community) to do for the Cricket Community and why?
Cricket being a bit more on the expensive side, it becomes difficult for a lot of people to take up cricket. There should be institutions opened for youngsters who are in need.

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