Damith Kushan Warusavithana, born in Sri Lanka, is a Former Malaysian National Cricket Team player. Damith's early experience of Cricket was more like a nightmare and he takes us back to those days in the Interview. He started playing Cricket at the age of 6 and soon got a grip over it. His major teams were St.Thomas College and Malaysian National Cricket Team. In his international career, Damith has played against Hong Kong, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. His love for Cricket didn't stop even after leaving Malaysian Cricket team. He is back in Sri Lanka now and is working as a Coach. We wish Damith a very happy and successful year ahead.

1. Tell us about yourself?Damith Warusavithana - Former Malaysian National Cricket Player

Full Name: Damith Kushan Warusavithana
D.O.B: 23rd August 1984
Gender: Male
Playing Role:
Batting Style: Top Order Batsmen
Bowling Style: Right Arm Off Spin
Address: Attidiya, Colombo.
Country: Sri Lanka.

2. What age did you start playing cricket?
I started playing cricket at age of 6 with my two elder brothers at back yard. That was a beginning of cricket life.

3. How was your first experience with the Game? Who is your inspiration in Cricket and why?
My first time in a cricket net was memorable. After gathering courage, I stepped slowly into the net but I couldn't feel the floor. I had to stylishly grab the wall. I was a complete dead and I still am. When eventually my toes touched the floor, the helmet covered my nose so I had to raise my head.

It was annoying because any disturbance of the cricket ball made it difficult to play so I had to stay close and close to the ball except times I made use of the bat available. People tried to teach me but being my 1st time plus fear of batting, I couldn't grab much. My friend had enough of ball hit to last her three days.

Damith Warusavithana Batting4. Which team and Club do you play for? When was it founded?
I represent St.Thomas College, Mount Lavinia (Est 1864), in all the age group. It has the second longest running cricket encounter in the world between rivalries of Royal College, Colombo. (135 years and continue). Sri Lanka U19.
Moors Cricket Club – 1908
Malaysia Cricket – 1967

5. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
In my first priority I would like to be successful and 100% perfect on my current job you offering me & as I grow day by day based on my daily experience, I am sure I will be in a position where my decisions hold some importance, my subordinates look up to me for inspiration. I can also be flexible to adopt the changes.

6. Do your club/association have any website or Facebook page? Mention their links.

7. Any recent achievements/activities that you had. (It could be organizing a small camp, or just playing a match or organizing a cricket camp or playing aDamith Warusavithana tournament series) Do mention the date.
- Youngest Sri Lankan to archive Cricket Australia Level 3 Coaching.
- ACE / ISSA / AFAA Certified Personal / Fitness Trainer.
- Represent Malaysian National Cricket Team.
- Fingara International Cricket Academy will run it there Inter house cricket carnival in 31st October 2015.

8. Would you like to come to India for a tournament or a coaching camp? Or do you want to travel any other country (if Yes, please mention the name)?
Yes, I would like to come for coaching camp in India. As I would love to share my knowledge and experience among the players. If I can help any player to move up it ladder for higher level I would give my best shot and help him to move on. If I Can be part of South Africa or New Zealand that would be great.

9. What are the challenges you are facing in your country's cricket? If any, how do you feel to overcome those challenges?
As far as challenges are concerned I think it’s only about the competition for places in the team, this is only shown by performances in matches and practice in nets. To overcome these Damith Warusavithana Cricket Player from Malaysiachallenges need to keep updating and improve new cricket technique and being able to adapt to different situations while I'm at the crease.

10. One thing that you instantly need that would boost the involvement of people in your country's cricket?
Televised all the senior age group and premier cricket matches as much as they can it's really good and will surely help in the involvement of local people and same time identified the next generation.

11. Name any 3 active Cricket Clubs from your locality, Country. Also mention the name and email id of these 3 clubs.
Singhalese Cricket Club (SSC) - http://www.ssc.lk/
Ragama Cricket Club - http://www.ragamacricketclub.com/
Bloomfield Cricket Club -

12. Would you like to nominate any club from your country for a free website from Global Cricket Community? If Yes, Why?
I would like to suggest: C.C.C School of Cricket. (Colombo Cricket Club), it runs by Cricket Guru and well known coach in Sri Lanka Mr. Nelson Mendis. He has coaching experience of nearly over 5 decades and have coached Roshan Mahanama, Arjuna Ranthunga and well known cricketers. Only cricket center in Asia to Cover by ICC 360.

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