Olly Tapp is currently playing for Normandy Cricket Club based in Surrey, United Kingdom. He is also involved in professional Coaching with Oxford MCCU and Coaching Cricket Excellence. Olly grew up playing Cricket in Guernsey and had the opportunity of playing age group Cricket against top teams such as Ireland and Scotland. Later on, he moved to England. Other than being a player and a coach, Olly likes to write about Cricket. He is an avid follower of Cricket Articles and admires many Writers for their writings. Olly also loves travelling and will be seen in many Associate Countries soon, Coaching and playing Cricket. Global Cricket Community would like to read your Cricket Articles and share it with our Cricket Community. 

1. Tell us about yourself?Normandy Cricket Club England

Full Name: Olly Tapp
Date of Birth: 24th April 1994
Gender: Male
Playing Role: RH Batsman
Address: Guildford, Surrey
Country: United Kingdom

2. At Present: Are you a Coach? A cricket player? A cricket related business? A club Owner? Mention your work profile (if anything else).
I play as a batter for Normandy CC in Surrey and coach professionally with Oxford MCCU and Coaching Cricket Excellence.

3. What age did you start playing Cricket? Name the Club and period for which you played Cricket?
I’ve been playing cricket for as long as I can remember; I grew up in the associate nation of Guernsey so I was lucky enough to play age group cricket against good associate nations such as Ireland and Scotland, and I then moved to the UK and to Normandy CC as a 19 year old. I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in first class cricket for Oxford MCCU as a coach since then.

Olly Tapp - Player for Normandy Cricket Club4. Tell us about your love for writing? How did you get into this?
I’ve always admired great writers, and in particular great cricket writers. I’ve known for some time that it’s something I’d like to do once I felt I’d gained a bit more experience in cricket.
Having had the luxury the past two years of being able to develop friendships, pick the brains and learn from some of the best coaches in cricket, ranging from former IPL players to ex­-England players and county coaches, I feel like I’m beginning to gain some authority with which I can write about cricket.

5. Why do you want to blog for Global Cricket Community? How long do you wish to blog for us?
I discovered Global Cricket Community by accident and really liked the idea behind it. I particularly like the attention paid to associate nations.
Over the next few months I have various trips planned around the world do coach cricket - a trip around France with CCE to introduce cricket to French schools, and a trip to Singapore to coach some players in the Singapore age group sides. I would love to have a place to publish a blog detailing my trips, both the cricket side of it and also the travel side.

6. What kind of Cricket Articles do you like to write? Who shall be your target audience and Why?
I like to write articles about various things. So far I’ve written about cricket mentality and tactics, but I’d like to expand a little to also be able to write about my experiences of growing the game around the world. I would hope that this would appeal to cricket lovers, but also to readers of travel blogsOlly Tapp - Cricket Blogger and books.

7. One thing that you feel should be added to our Global Cricket Community Website? A long feedback / suggestion will be appreciated.
I enjoy reading the blogs on Global Cricket Community. I’m a particularly big fan of the international profiles as a way of introducing people and getting to know about cricket in their home country. Being based in the UK I’d love to hear about domestic cricket over here, but generally I think the articles are applicable to all cricket.

8. Do you have your own Website or blog or a Facebook Page? Or have you previously written for any offline publications?
I’ve only just started writing so at present I don’t have much - I’m currently thinking of starting a blog, but it will take a bit of time before it’s up and running properly.

9. Other than Global Cricket Community's Website, any suggestions as to where should be these articles shared?
I’d like to be able to share some on my own blog soon if nothing else, but I’m pretty happy for them to be shared anywhere!

10. Would you like to nominate any club from your country for a free website from Global Cricket Community? If Yes, Why?
I’ve been lucky enough to work with established clubs that already have their own resources and websites - however that could change soon as I begin my travels to a few more associate nations.

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