Shameelah Kutlo Lara Mosweu is the National Women's Cricket Team Player from Botswana. Shameelah started playing Cricket at the age of 6 and within 8 years, made her place in Botswana National Cricket team. Currently she is also working as a part-time coach for Legae Academy. Shameelah wants to see her team playing for Senior Women's team and take them close to World Cup. Her U19 Team was nominee for the Best team of the Year Award at Botswana Sports Awards in 2014. Know more about Shameelah and her Cricket journey. 

1. Tell us about you?Shameelah Lara - Botswana National Cricket Team Player

Full Name: Shameelah Kutlo Lara Mosweu
Date of Birth: 28/11/1995
Gender: Female
Playing Role: player
Batting Style: left-hand bat
Bowling Style: Right-arm offspin
Address: PO Box 474, Gaborone, Botswana
Country: Botswana

2. At Present: Are you a Coach? A cricket player? A cricket related business? A club Owner? A cricket Fan? Mention your work profile (if anything else).
At present I am just a cricket player looking for a women's team to play for, due to Botswana not having a full Ladies squad yet.

3. Are you playing cricket currently? If Yes - Since how long are you playing cricket? What level of cricket have you played so far in your country?
Yes I am still playing cricket.. I started at the age of 6, and I went on to play for the national Shameelah Lara - Cricket Player from Botswanateam at the age of 14.

4. Do you play for any club or a team? Mention their names? When was it founded? Where are you working currently?
Currently I play for just the National team which was founded in 2004. At the moment I'm a part-time sports coach at my former high school, Legae Academy.

5. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
We see ourselves playing as the senior women's team, playing in tournaments that will get us to the world cup. Personally I would like to improve my batting in general.

6. Do your club/association have any website or Facebook page? Mention theirShameelah Lara - Batting links.
Yes they do.

7. Any recent achievements/activities that you had. (It could be organizing a small camp, or just playing a match or organizing a cricket camp or playing a tournament series) Do mention the date.
My main achievement recently was, our U19 girls team was a nominee for the Best Team of the Year Award for our Botswana Sports Awards. And this was on 2014.

8. Would you like to come to India for a tournament or a coaching camp? Or do you want to travel any other country (if Yes, please mention the name)?
Yes I would love to travel to India. I would also I would to go to England for a tournament or coaching camp.

Botswana Women's National Cricket Team9. What are the challenges you are facing in your country's cricket? If any, how do you feel to overcome those challenges?
One of the problems we face in Botswana cricket is the lack of numbers of girls playing. Due to the
- lack of parental support
- school reasons:- it's hard to get players released from school to attend a training camp or even a tournament.
Our association is doing its best to work really closely with different associations that are in charge of sports in primary and secondary schools.

10. One thing that you instantly need that would boost the involvement of people in your country's cricket?
Participation of parents, teachers and stakeholders in sport by getting more actively involved.

11. Name any 3 active Cricket Clubs from your locality, Country. Also mention the name and email id of these 3 clubs.
At moment we don't have any official clubs due to the fact that we do not have enough in numbers. Botswana is still in it's infant stage when it comes to women's cricket.

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