Oakville Cricket Club is based in Canada and it is one of the fastest growing cricket club. The club was founded 13 years back with the goal of encouraging youth and female participation and providing facilities where cricket coaching can be affordable at a grassroots level. The club is always enthusiastic about cricket where they provide free coaching seminars and initial knowledge to the cricket lovers.

The Oakville cricket club conduct their outdoor practice sessions on every Wednesday from 6 pm onwards. Glenashton Park is the home ground of Oakville CC. Oakville Cricket club has two teams who are mainly participate in first division and premier leagues respectively. The club usually participates in the Hamilton District Cricket leagues. The club plays the major formats of Cricket such as 40 over games and T20 matches throughout the season.

Talking about the playing opportunities, Oakville CC provides equal opportunities to the club players to showcase their skills while providing the matches to them, the club gives an opportunity to play 12 games in a season to each team.

Here I have mentioned the club Vision, Objectives and Values.

Vision: To enable our talented cricketers of present and future to perform competitively on the biggest stage of domestic cricket in Oakville.

Objective: Promote, advance and encourage Junior Cricket in the Town of Oakville.

Core Values:

C – Community Oriented
H – Hospitable
A – Allegiance
M – Mentorship
P – Professionalism
I – Invictus
O- Optimistic
N – Niche

Here are a few Recent Achievements of the club in the Cricketing year 2015 and 2014:

2015 Achievements:

HDCL Premier Division, Regular Season – Best Overall Record
HDCL Premier Division, Regular Season – Champions
HDCL First Division, Regular Season – Champions
HDCL First Division, Ed Burn Tournament – Champions

2014 Achievements:

HDCL Premier Division, Regular Season – Finalist
HDCL First Division, Regular Season – Semi Finals Runner Up
HDCL Premier Division, Ed Burn Tournament – Champions
HDCL First Division, Ed Burn Tournament – Semi Finals Runner Up

The committee behind the strong Oakville Cricket Club who are always there to promote and maintained the healthy spirit of the cricket are mentioned below:

The club President  Mr. Zain Khot, who have received and Award as a HDCL best administrator in the year 2013.

Vice President: Mr. Manik Bhan
Secretary : Zaid Rehman
Treasure : Ashhad Khan.

We at www.globalcricketcommunity.com wish you all the very best for further journey in cricket. Keep playing Cricket and keep supporting us.

Website: http://www.oakvillecricketclub.com/

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