Cryptics Cricket Club was founded in early 1990’s at New College, Oxford by the founders J G Fawcus and other committee members. The club played their first match in the same year 1990 against Bilton Grange in the month of June. Club also started touring various states to play matches from 1919, before that club had played 23 matches and out of those they had won 11 matches. The Club had toured the British Army of Rhine in 1922. Club have played so many matches and completed their 100 years as a club and looking forward for the double century.

Lets know the current standing of the club:

Club members are not only enjoying cricket in UK but they are from various countries such as Kenya, Singapore, Malaysia, Mallorca, Spain, Corfu, Malta, Portugal, Argentina and South Africa. Among these the players have been leading figures in the cricket world.
The Club not only focuses on the senior cricket but also promotes cricket and arrange development program. The Club have formed Second Century Cricket Club who supports young cricketers playing for Cryptics Cricket Club Club have an each month membership for the young players. For more info regarding admission kindly contact Mr. Nick Priestnall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Club provides playing opportunities to all the players, in the year 2016 club have played 7 matches till the may month of 2016. In year 2015 club have played 20 matches. In the year 2014 club have played around 25 matches.

Tours: Club actively participates in touring various states and clubs to play matches. The club had previously toured to Southern, West Midlands, Portugal, North West Europe etc.

Membership: Cryptics Cricket Club provides yearly membership to their senior players. The Club also welcomes players who are interested in cricket and would love to develop them as cricketers. Club charges you 30 Euro as a annual membership of the club.

 Club Officials:



Mark Williams


Paul Armstrong

Hon Fixtures Secretary

David Fawcus

Hon Treasure

Edward Montague

Hon Gen Secretary

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