Gingings Cricket Club SwitzerlandGingings Cricket club located in Geneva, Switzerland, was founded on March 31, 2008. There are a lot of trees in Gingins; it's a lovely green Swiss village. Though there's not so many Oak trees - there are a lot of Lime trees - The club chose the Oak for the logo because Oak trees represent strength and endurance and they think that this is a good symbol for thier kids. The green represents the colour of the Oak leaves during the summer and the gold at the top represents the autumn colour.

History - The idea started in autumn 2007 so as Gingings Cricket Club emerged from winter in early 2008, gear was bought, plans were made and permission was sought from the Commune to play at the Gingins Centre Sportif. The Commune kindly obliged and two dads and their 4 boys held a practice session one Sunday morning early in March which went so well that we spread the news that the Club would launch its inaugural session on March 30th, 2008.

Three years on and Gingings Cricket Club got up to 50 children from around the region coming to the Summer Sunday training sessions and in thier first Winter season (2009), they regularly had more than 20 children participating in indoor sessions after School. Club has 7 English Cricket Board qualified Level 1 coaches who lead the kids in the sessions and other mums and dads who help with the coaching as well - it really is a very family oriented Club.

Gingings Cricket Club play as a Team.Gingings Cricket Club plays as a Team. It focuses on team work, individual performance, strategy, and if played in the right way, can build tremendous self-belief something that's very important for young kids - whether they're champions or just love getting out and having a hit with their mates.


Gingings Cricket Club have total 7 team such as, Under7, Under9, Under11, Under13, Under15, Under17 and Under19.  Gingings Cricket Club has played U11 Zuoz Tournament, U11Basel Tournament, U11Cossonay Match, U11 Gingings Tournament, U11 Geneva Match, U13 Zuoz Tournament, U13 and U15 Winterthur Match, U13 Basel Tournament and Gingings Tournament.

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