Pattaya Cricket Club is based in Bangkok, Thailand. The club was formed in 2012 by a group of cricket enthusiastic people. Today the club has 2 teams first XI and Thoroughbreds XI. The First XI team (Stallions) competes in Bangkok Premier League matches. And Thoroughbreds XI (Over 45’s) plays fixtures matches. Pattaya Cricket Club also welcome Junior and Girls to join the club.
Pattaya Cricket Club also organizes trainings and practice sessions for the Youth/ Junior Cricketers (Under 16) under the leadership of Mr. Venky. They introduce Cricket to junior players on every Saturday from 11 Am to 1 Pm.

Lets Know About the matches they play yearly. PAttaya Cricket Club has played 31 matches in the year 2014 which include the Friendly matches and Bangkok League. Pattaya Cricket Clubs First XI (Stallions) have played 9 matches in Bangkok Cricket League in 2015. Second XI (Thoroughbreds XI) Have played 4 matches in masters Cricket League. They also have played Round About 10 friendly matches in year 2015- 2016.

We At wish you all the very best for the further journey of cricket.
Pattaya Cricket club - Thailand :


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