About Arif Hussain

I had this wonderful opportunity of meet Mr.Arif Hussain. We invited him to our office so that we could know each other well. Arif and I are in the same field i.e Cricket and that gave some common topics discuss on.

Arif started from his childhood days narrating the experiences he had. We came to know about his love for cricket, what he had to go through in order to play Cricket. I remember him telling me the incident that introduced cricket to his life. It was when he first saw 1999 Cricket World Cup on TV. And that led to a spark in him and he started playing, believing and living cricket every day.

Amidst all these, there were some hurdles that he had to face in the initial days. Arif was born in Bhadohi, a small village in Uttar Pradesh. There was no proper ground there that is needed to play a professional cricket. Lack of transportation facilities limited people’s access to better facilities present in the cities. The major challenge was that Cricket was not accepted much in the society as it is now. Being a new game, people were not much aware of the possibilities Cricket could bring in. This did interest neither the players nor the family members. Arif had to convince a lot to his parents about this game. And sooner he realized that you got to take your own stand for your life. So, he decided to take up cricket as his career.

The other instant challenge was the Finance. Arif knew that Cricket involves heavy gears, equipments such as helmets, thigh pads, Cricket bat, Cricket ball, a good turf wicket, etc. In order to have all these facilities, one urgent and important thing needed was Finance. Arif knew that his family might not support him with the finance. So he had to opt for other better options.

He started collecting funds from people he knew were capable enough. He requested his relatives, friends to contribute as much as they can by which he could buy a cricket bat and a ball. He started selling news papers. Although the profit earned was not large enough to buy at least a cricket ball. So, he had to continue selling News paper for at least 3 months, in order to gather some money. The best he could do was asking money from the people he knew in his circle. And sooner he realized that people used to run away when they saw Arif coming to them. There were no turf wickets then. Arif and his friends used to spread a plastic on the pitch because that made the ball skid and prepare batsman better for the game. He used to involve everyone from his village to watch cricket and that slowly lead to promotion of this game in Bhadohi. Arif recalls the tough times he had faced while pursuing his love for cricket. But these tough times did make his strong both physically and mentally.


He used to collect the fax numbers from the news paper and send them his requirements. In every letter, he used to ask for sponsorships for bat, ball and cricketing gears. Most of the time, these letters did not bear fruitful results, but then there was always a positive hope of these letters being answered. Every day Arif used to get up with an energy that used to last till he is finally on the bed. And this energy was all because of his love towards Cricket.

As he grew older, he was well aware that the younger generations are also going to face the same challenges as he did in his childhood. Considering which Arif took a pledge to improve the conditions in his village, provide as much as facilities to all the cricket aspirants and help them in some or the other way reach their goals. He believed that if he could not play good cricket, he would help other people and enjoy watching them play cricket. This idea struck him in the year 2000 and since then he stepped out of his way to build a platform for all the budding cricketers. Along with Sujit Kumar Sharma, who was himself a very good cricketer, Arif founded Cricket performance Point.

The objective of CPP was to inspire and motivate cricket lovers to take up cricket as a career. He knew that a lot of talents might be left unnoticed. So, he along with his friend took the initiative of building this platform. Today CPP is home to major talents from the rural and village areas. They have guided more than 50 students towards success and developed their game as a whole. CPP got a huge response from the players as well.

Arif Quotes that “We will fulfill our commitment and make sure kids from Indian villages will get Complete support, encouragement and opportunities.”

Currently Arif is working on his another project named “World Cricketer’s Care Foundation.” The objective of this foundation is to be a home to all the ex, retired and upcoming cricketers, also touching the major aspects of Cricket World and serving them together.

Global Cricket Community wishes Arif all the best and may you achieve all your goals and success in life.

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