In this webarticle we will tell you few less-known facts about fastest Thousand runs. As we all know most of the batsman who scored fastest Thousand runs, the list is too long if we cut the story short then the list include IVA Richards, KP Pietersen, IJL Troot, Q De Kock, Babar Azam are the first 5 batsmen who reached to fastest 1000. IVA Richards became the first person to reach fastest 1000. As cricket fans, we know the player names from recognized countries for their fastest 1000 in ODIs - one-day internationals.

Let's know the players from Netherland, Scotland, Ireland, Kenya, Afghanistan, and Zimbabwe. We will also consider innings played and Average of that player.

Among these countries, RN ten Doeschate from Netherland is on the top by Scoring his 1000 runs in just 23 innings with the average of 67 in ODI. We have seen him in IPL, playing for Kolkata Knight Riders in 2012 and 2014.

Nail Johnson: Player from Zimbawbe who has been a part of the national squad for 1999 World Cup. He has made his ODI debut in Oct 1998 and has played last match in July 2000. He is the second player who has scored fastest 1000 in just 28 innings with an Average of 36.50.

Kyle Coetzer: He has been a national player of Scotland.  He has achieved a history by scoring 156 runs in 2015 World cup and became the first players from associate nations to do so. He has scored his 1000 in just 28 innings with an average of 40.21.

Paul Stirling: He is on the ranked 4 of scoring fastest 1000. He has scored his 1000 in 29 Innings. He has been a part of the national squad of Ireland in 2011 and 2015 World Cup.

Alex Obanda: A player from Kenya who has been a part of national Squad for 7 years and also been a member of 2011 World Cup. He has completed his thousand in just 33 innings with an Average of 33.07.

Mohammad Shahzad: Nowadays Afghanistan cricket team is improving their cricketing skill gradually and trying to be the strong team like other well-recognized teams. Mohammad Shahzad is one of the best players from Afghanistan has completed his 1000 runs in 33 innings with an Average of 34.70. that’s

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this information helped you to know few other players and there fastest 1000 runs.

Data Credit: ESPN cricinfo 

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