News plays a very vital role in today's World. It conveys us with the latest information unfolding within an area or a region. For us, as a social human being, staying connected to society is equally important as consuming our basic necessities. And News is one such medium to getting connected with the society. These can be broadly divided into different segments and each of these segments holds its own importance. Global Cricket Community brings you with three major sections in News.

1. World Cup News
2. Community News
3. Be Great Love Cricket

We at Global Cricket Community understands the importance of Cricket World Cup. Like wise, we do understand how important is community's involvement in promoting Cricket as a game. So we would be covering both these sections throughout on our website. Any one with a community or local news can contact me and we would love to share it on our website, letting others to know more about it. Similarly, we want our community to be active and enthusiastic about World Cup Cricket. So feel free to share what you feel about the World Cup. 

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