We all are not very aware about how much Indian cricketers earn in a Year. Some of them are earning through their partnership and endorsements with different Brands or Companies. We all know that they earn through Indian Premier League, TV Commercials and Match Fees as a Cricket player but very few of us know about how much cricket players are earning in Fashion. Glamour and Cricket has always been amongst the most gossiped topics in India. Stardom and Glamour are not unknown for Indian cricketers, it comes to them from the natural association from the Fashion industry? So today I am going to share some interesting fact about Cricketers, Fashion and their Earnings.

Virat Kohli:

Currently the shinning star of Indian Cricket Team. Virat Kohli has always been the center of attraction for Media. Virat Kohli owns a menswear retailer chain called “Wragon” with the store in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Also he signed a 30 Crore contract with Adidas. Along with this he is also signed a major deal with Swiss Watchmaker “Tissot”.

We already saw how fast he is between the wickets, he is very fit and obsesses to be fit. Virat Kohli is 30% stakeholder in gym chain called “Chisels” across the country. He invested 90 Crores for 30% stake in the firm. That's pretty much a lot for one man. Way to go Virat!

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: 

The man who has given us many several occasion for celebrations. He has a very good rapo in Fashion too. He earns 6 Crore annually from Spartan Sports as a Sponsorship of his bat. He also signed a 200 Crore deal with Rishti Sports Managements. M S Dhoni is also a stakeholder in a Fahion Brand called “Seven”, soon they are going to launch a sportswear collection that will have some utility points from M S  Dhoni. Before Seven M S Dhoni had a deodorant brand “7 by M S Dhoni” under his collar.

Yuvraj Singh:

Sports brand Puma paid Yuvraj Singh annually 4 Crore, Yuvi uses his stickers on bat and wears Puma shoe’s. He was a stakeholder in beauty service app “Vyomo”. But the app was take over by by on-ground beauty salon Naturals for an amount of Rs. 100 crore. Yuvraj Singh also invested in Mahesh Bhupati Startup, sports365.com.

Sachin Tendulkar :

God of cricket, has also invested in Fashion and will be earning crores from it. In March 2016 Sachin Tendulkar collaborated with Arvind Fashion to come up with his own Fashion Label “True Blue”. True blue is going to retail in May, 2016 and the brand targeted at Youngsters. True Color aim on 200 Crore business in next 5 Year.

 Shikhar Dhawan:

The Indian Left hand opener Shikhar Dhawan is also a part of Fashion Industry as a Brand Ambassador. He is the brand Ambassador for “Zeven”. He is also Brand Ambassador of “FBB”.

 These are the some of the Indian Cricketers who earn a very good amount of money from Fashion. Hope you liked this article. Tell us about your views and suggestions in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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