Everybody wants to look stylish, fashionable and up to date with latest trends. We want the lamplight to be on us. But when it comes to sportswear, many of us move to comfort and many of us wish to have style and comfort together, considering these requirements the latest sportswear manufacturers, and Brands come up with Style and Look altogether. We as a consumer also choose sportswear which is lightweight, functional and durable.

These are some point you should consider while choosing your Sports Wear!

  1. Comfort:
    Avoid harsh material that could scratch your skin while playing. Choose such material that you can move easily, you can feel comfortable in and that the material does not tuck to you. Choose fit over size, because some of the cloths are smaller in the size but they are very comfortable with your body type.
  2. Fabric Selection:
    There are plenty of options available for Sports Fabric Selection such as:


  • Medium Weight Polyester (Stretch for closer fitting; Rapid Dry ability to help keep you dry; Rapid Dry “Wash & Wear”)
  • Sports Mesh (Good Sun Protection; Rapid Dry “Wash & Wear”; Breathability helps keep you cool)


  • Lycra (Keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer even when wet and dry quickly)












  • XtraLife Lycra® (Excellent breathability; No pilling; High protection from UV rays; Quick drying)
  • Light Weight (Light Weight; Soft Feel; Resistant to fading; Rapid Dry “Wash & Wear”)












  • Running Short Fabric (Breathability helps keep you cool; Light Weight; Shiny look)

So choose amongst these types as per what suits your body in the best possible manner.

  1. Layer-able:
    Choose layer-able material because you are going to carry this from the hottest month to the coolest month.

It is recommended to all the readers that, choosing the right fabric is very necessary, as the each fabric is does not suit all the body types of the people. So do not continue wearing some clothing if it does not suit your body. After all the only thing that matters is, how comfortable you feel in anything you wear or do!!

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