Tariq Rasool Shah is the Kuwait Women's National Coach and General Secretary of Kuwait Cricket's Coaching Panel. It has been a remarkable journey for Tariq which started way back in 1979, when he was just 11 years old. Luck has played a key role in the Initial Years of his cricket career when he was selected for the Asian Cricket Council's Coaching course. In 2005 he did his level 1 Coaching Course and it was no looking back since then. Active in Kuwait Cricket Coaching for around 10 years now, he has been with the team through all successes and setbacks. He has nurtured and then enjoyed the success of Priyada Murali, Siobhan Gomez, Varshni Sures and Maryam Omar recently. Tariq has played a key role in upbringing Kuwait Cricket and wishes to continue doing the same in future. 

Full Name: Syed Tariq Rasool ShahSyed Tariq Rasool Shah
Date of Birth: 01-01-1968
Gender: Male
Role in Kuwait Cricket : Women's National Coach & General secretary KC Coaching Panel
Other profession : Systems Engineer
Address: P. O. Box 22412, Safat 13085, Kuwait
Country: Kuwait

1. Tell us about your first experience with Cricket? What age did you get in contact with Cricket?
I don't really remember when I started playing cricket but as far as I can remember, I had great love for balls and it was the only thing that I use to play with.
I was introduced to the season ball at the age of 11. It was an honour for me that luck has given me an opportunity to start my cricket with few those guys who later on played internationally for Kuwait Women's National CoachPakistan.

2. Did you ever think of becoming a Coach? How did you get into Coaching?
I never thought of becoming a coach but when I moved to Kuwait, I began playing regular cricket. In those days, Asian Cricket Council introduced coaching courses taught by (Cricket Australia), I was among the lucky few selected for the courses and since then I realized that cricket has a lot more to it than just tossing a ball and scoring a run, it's a complete science.

Ever since I started coaching, I realized that this is what I want to do for as long as I possibly can.

3. When did you start getting your coaching qualifications? Highlight few of the important things you learned while doing Certification Courses?
In 2005 I did my ACC Level I coaching course in Qatar by Cricket Australia, Soon will go for the ACC level III course as well as I am a Coach Educator for level I coaching courses.Tariq Rasool Shah with Pakistan A Team
They were really fantastic courses, it made me grow as a person, as a cricketer and as a coach. I have learned a lot like cricket skills and how to coach as well as National player using basic techniques and then how to move to advance techniques. I personally enjoyed the Bio-Mechanics in cricket & video analysis, by that we can identify, analyse and solve particular problems of the players with the help of softwares.

4. Are the coaching courses around the world different or similar in their content and styles?
Yes they are different but not as much. In our continent, coaches mostly teach using their own personal experiences. However, Cricket Australia and ECB, mostly involve theory and scientific reasoning. Therefore, as a coach, the more you know is better. So if you know a bit of Physics or Bio-mechanics it will help you more to understand and to teach to new cricketers.

Tariq Rasool Shah with Kuwait National Cricket Team5. How do you view your influence on youngsters and whose success have you enjoyed the most from Kuwait Cricket?
Being a Women National coach, I came across so many girls, most of which have never played cricket. So we usually start from the very basic steps of cricket like Gripping the ball and Bat to advance level of skills.

The participation and dedication of the girls in this sport, makes me respect them so much and never feel tired to coach them. Those who followed my instructions and did hard work, are now well known locally & internationally by their performances. There is so many names that performed individually as well as team to make me proud.
Initially the first captain of Kuwait Women’s team Priyada Murali, an all-rounder she was the best bowler of the Tournament in first ever ACC U-19 championship and Siobhan Gomez was the top scorer of the same tournament, after them Varshni Suresh at a young age of 13 performed well. However, all these three players knew a bit of cricket before joining Kuwait Cricket. So, the Most whose success that I have enjoyed and still enjoying is the Arab National girl Maryam Omar. She came to the camp & has never heard of cricket. Soon after 3 years of hard work and determination, she rapidly improved in all departments of the game. Earning the title of becoming the Captain of Kuwait national women team. Recently, she made KuwaitTariq Rasool Shah with ACC members proud by receiving "Player of the Tournament award" in Gulf Cup Championship 2014 in Oman. She is currently the first lady to play in the men cricket league.
Her success is always a proud moment for us.

6. Where do you think the Kuwait Team needs more focus on?
Kuwait’s summer is very hot and could go up to 58-59 degree Celsius, which makes it rare, rather impossible for any outdoor activity. However, being born or living in Kuwait for years, it becomes a norm to practice at such high temperature but off course the efficiency is never up to the mark. Kuwait team needs to focus more on their physical fitness. Also, I have noticed that girls hate repetition of certain tasks or shots and this usually results into less perfection and poor execution of shots or bowling poor deliveries. We need to focus on developing patience and keenness towards the game.

7. What do you feel is the future of Kuwait Women's Cricket?
Future is bright because now they have been playing cricket since 2008, so they know all basic skills. New comers are also adjusting quite nicely with the seniors. Kuwait cricket is providing all kinds of support needed for their game to develop. Moreover, the success and pride that Kuwait Cricket gets when Kuwait girls perform internationally, gives us immense pleasure and assures us that we are doing the right thing for these girls.

Tariq Rasool Shah with the Kuwait Women's team8. Were there any challenges you faced while coaching the Team? If yes, how did you overcome them?
First challenge that I faced, and I believe most of the Coaches have faced was; how to reduce the WIDE balls. Initially, every match would cost us around 40 to 50 WIDE balls, I was quite unhappy with this, so we started working on it by target bowling and correction of arm, action and technique.
Few girls perform well in nets but were not performing as good in matches. I realized then, the best way to solve this issue was to give them similar environment where they can assess their performance in the best possible scenario. Involvement of young lads and more matches helped increase the level of confidence.

9. How much progress have you seen in cricket over the years you've been involved in Kuwait Cricket?
Cricket has drastically changed. KUWAIT CRICKET under the leadership of HE Sheikh Dari Fahed Al Ahmed Al Sabah and professional guidance of Mr. Haider Farman are hands on, on all the changes and are continuously updating the local cricket to match international requirements. In 2008, Kuwait gave hope to girls who are willing to play cricket and formed the first ever Women’s Team. This was a historic change to Kuwait cricket. Girls are being recognized as potential cricketers. Tariq Rasool Coaching a Batsman
Now we have number of women coaches as well as umpires. On the other hand, men are getting jobs on the bases of Cricket. Banks, shipping companies and other departmental teams are successfully participating in Kuwait domestic tournaments. As well as growth of number of cricket academies and indoor facilities in the country which is providing more cricket in the region. Internationally, Kuwait has become hub for international tournaments & courses. The main development by Kuwait Cricket can be seen by the number of Kuwaitis and ladies playing the game.

10. A mentor / coach whom you would like to dedicate your success?
Kuwait women's National TeamWhatever I have learnt so far, yet I am still learning, there are so many coaches behind my success and I admire and thank them for all they have invested in me. But the person that I admire the most is the former Pakistan Player and ACC’s Development Officer Mr. Iqbal Sikander and from the Cricket Australia Mr. Ross Turner one of the best mentors any one can ask for.

11. Your advice to the youngsters taking up Cricket as a career?
Fitness is the main thing for any sports. Just like in Cricket, the more you are fit the more you can perform. Simple advice for those who are interested to make career in cricket, they must play with passion and THINK CRICKET, TALK CRICKET, WATCH CRICKET & LOVE CRICKET.

12. Your views on Global Cricket Community?
Global Cricket Community is doing a wonderful job in providing a platform for passionate cricketers to share their love for the game. I feel quite honoured to be part of this community and share my story and experience with all the members. Wishing them all the very best for life endeavours.

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