Tanya Sen, who is just 21, is the Vice Captain of the Singapore Women's National Cricket Team. Tanya also plays for Singapore Cricket Club. She started playing Cricket at the age of 12. Under the guidance of experienced Coaches from Singapore Cricket Club, Tanya soon picked up the game and started improving on her skills. Lately she was also appointed as a Captain for the six a side Cricket tournament against various men's team. The team did exceptionally well under her leadership. In order to further improve her game, Tanya is looking forward to play more matches at International Level. In the Interview, Tanya highlights some of the challenges and ways to tackle them. Global Cricket Community would like to wish Tanya all the best for her future endeavours. 

1. Tell us about you?Tanya Sen - Singapore Women's National Cricket Player

Full Name: Tanya Sen
Date of Birth: 7 December 1993
Gender: Female
Playing Role: Vice Captain all rounder
Batting Style: Right hand Batswoman
Bowling Style: Right arm medium pace
Country: Singapore

2. At Present: Are you a Coach? A cricket player? A cricket related business? A club Owner? A cricket Fan? Mention your work profile (if anything else).
I am currently playing for Singapore National Women’s team as the vice captain. I am an all rounder. I am also currently pursuing dance as a career and studying performing arts.

3. Are you playing cricket currently? If Yes - Since how long are you playing cricket? What level of cricket have you played so far in your country?
I have been playing cricket for the Singapore National Women’s team since the age of 12 since 2006. I also play club level cricket at Singapore Cricket Club.

Tanya Sen Bowling against UAE4. Do you play for any club or a team? Mention their names? When was it founded? Where are you working currently?
I am currently playing for the Singapore National Women’s team at the Singapore Cricket Association which was founded in 4th November 1965. I also play cricket at Singapore Cricket Club which was founded in 1852. I am currently studying dance as a career in Singapore. I did Mass Communication at university level in Singapore. 

5. Where do you and your team see yourself in coming 5 years? Where do you want to focus in order to improve your cricket?
In the coming 5 years I see my team playing more tournaments and growing into a team with better and more experienced players who can take the team to greater heights. 

In order to improve my own game further I would like to be given the opportunity to play more matches at a professional level and also with men as I believe in pushing myself beyond my limits. I would like to see the women’s team of Singapore gaining more cricket exposure through international tournaments and more match experience.

6. Do your club/association have any website or Facebook page? Mention their links

Facebook page: Singapore Cricket Association

7. Any recent achievements/activities that you had. (It could be organizing a small camp, or just playing a match or organizing a cricket camp orTanya Sen National Cricket Player from Singapore playing a tournament series) Do mention the date.
Recently I captained the women’s team for a six aside tournament against various men’s teams and we won one of the matches out of the two we played. I also played a match with the Singapore Cricket Club boys against a boys cricket school team from New Zealand and had one of the best bowling figures on the team. 

8. Would you like to come to India for a tournament or a coaching camp? Or do you want to travel any other country (if Yes, please mention the name)?
Yes, our team would be most delighted to come for a tournament or even a coaching camp to India or any other cricketing nation. 

9. What are the challenges you are facing in your country's cricket? If any, how do you feel to overcome those challenges?
We don’t have enough girls who are committed and we need to create more awareness in Singapore on women’s cricket. We are trying to get girls from various schools to try out the sport and give talks educating people on the game. 

Singapore National Cricket Team Squad10. One thing that you instantly need that would boost the involvement of people in your country's cricket?
We need more support from the higher authorities from the cricketing board of Singapore and definitely more awareness and sponsors. 

11. Name any 3 active Cricket Clubs from your locality, Country. Also mention the name and email id of these 3 clubs.
Singapore Cricket Club
Indian Association
Ceylon Sports Club

12. Would you like to nominate any club from your country for a free website from Global Cricket Community? If Yes, Why?
Singapore Cricket Club as I am a member there and have learnt most of the skills from there I needed to reach where I am today. The coaches are all very supportive and have guided me to becoming a better cricketer and provided me with matches against boys and men which have helped me improve and push myself. They also had a few friendly social matches including a few girls from the national team which gave them a good experience against men’s level.

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