Grange Cricket Club is based in Grange, South Australia. The club was founded on 14th Aug 1885. Grange CC has a very strong history as a club. The club has shown growth in every seasonal years. At the early stages of the club they used to played organized social games, generally about 20 to 25 matches every year, those matches mainly were one day matches. At the end of the 1890's the club had established itself as one of the state leading non associated club.

Just because of world war the club had been closed down. The club got reformed in 1919/20 season.
The club has won its first title in 1937 by winning the first premiership (In Section 2) and then the club was promoted to play in Section 1. Again the club was closed down because of World War 2 from 1941 to 1944. But then too the club reformed in august 1944 from this point the club has never looked back. The club reformed themselves very quickly and also formed another team (Team B) in 1945/46 season. There are so many things that the club had achieved and done from 1945 to 2000, I really recommend you to visit the website of Grange Cricket Club.

Lets Come towards 2000. The decade of 21st Century was a sensational decade to the club, they had won a total of 33 premiership title during this period.

The current committee of the Grange Cricket Club is as follows:

  • Patron: B. S. Fry
  • President : D. Garuccio
  • Chairman: P. Ross
  • Secretary :  C. Manuel Mrs.
  • Treasure: K. Fry

Currently the Grange Cricket club has 9 senior teams.  I have mention the name of the captains of respective teams below

  • First Team: Wes Thomas
  • Second Team: R. K Smith (1980/81)
  • Third Team: W. Sweeney (2013/14)
  • Fourth Team : B. Woodward (2013/14)
  • Fifth Team: D. Breen (2013/14)
  • Sixth Team : B. Harkness (1993/94)
  • Seven Team: M. Stanley (1885/86)
  • LO 1 Team : P. Cook(2013/14)
  • LO2 Team : C. Lidstone (2010/11)

Grange Cricket club has 8 Junior teams mainly Under 11, under 13 , under 15, Under 17 (Each with Two teams). Junior teams plays in various Saturday and Sunday leagues matches. The club has played around 20 matches from October 2015 to March 2016.

We at wish you all the very best for further Journey in cricket.

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