Vienna Cricket Club LogoVienna Cricket Club is based in Austria Country, founded in 1975 by Kerry Tattersall, is one of the oldest cricket clubs in the Austria Country.  Since 1975 Vienna Cricket Club is into an international mixture of Austrian players and many other cricket playing nations like India, Australia, UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, New Zealand and many more. Vienna Cricket Club has probably the best ground and facilities in Seebarn (North of Vienna) from 2001 onwards.

Vienna Cricket club has won more than 10 major tournaments since 1992, among them are Wintercup League, Austria’s ACA Open League Domestic League, Marsala Cup Graz and many more. The Vienna Wintercup has been organised annually by Vienna Cricket Club since 1987. This 2016 year is the 30th anniversary of WinterCup. 

Vienna Cricket club have more than 135 players and the Club is 6 times winner in WinterCup League. Vienna CC feels that the regular T20, 40-Overs and 50 overs cricket played in Austria has a great development effect in the cricket of the country.

 Vienna Cricket Club conducts trainings i.e. Summer Training and Winter Training.

  • Summer Training - The outdoor season usually starts in April and as soon as the ground is ready our training sessions begins. Training is on Tuesday and Thursday only.
  • Winter Training - The Winter Training starts in November to March at the Dominik Hofmann Halle on Saturday. We have a special mat for playing indoor cricket and also use yellow Kookaburra balls.

Vienna Cricket Club-

Vienna Cricket Club- 



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