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As always I took the morning train from Miraroad to Andheri. It was another busy day of mine and needless to mention that I was again struggling to get into the train. Somehow, by the gatewallas grace, I got into the train. Adjusting myself and my bag, I managed to find a corner at the corridor. The person standing next to me gave me a weird look and I acted as if I haven’t seen that. To my rescue, 2 of them got down at Dahisar Station and that gave the entire compartment a sigh of relief. The journey started again and I started planning my day’s activity.

Hardly 2 minutes had passed, and my thoughts came to crash when someone in his typical tone shouted,” arreh bantai, India ka score dekhbo.” It took me seconds to realize what he meant by that. One of his friend, who actually looked like him took out his cell phone. I kept staring at him and later realized that even I was waiting for him to announce India’s score. That was the 2nd test match played between India and New Zealand. There were already rumors about India’s defeat in this second and final test. So that made us a bit eager to know about the actual score. The other day I heard about Brendon Mccullum’s mammoth 285 not out and that also raised some questions on Dhoni’s captaincy. Then bantai (as he was referred) proudly announced,”Lage pade he bawa, kuch nahi hoga India ka!” His typical accent made me smile a bit and not to my surprise the entire compartment burst into laughter. Someone asked,”Kiite pe jama huye sab log?” Meaning, what was the total they scored. Bantai again replied,”kohli khel raha he bhai, baki sab chal diye.” That was a delight for all the Kohli fans in the compartment. I being his fan satisfied myself and that settled some of my eagerness. I knew for the fact that Kohli can take India on a safer side if he stayed there for some more overs. Someone from the compartment again shouted,” Kohli hi sambhal sakta he ab.” I was overwhelmed by the faith people were showing on my favorite cricket player. So that was just the start of the topic for the day. A lot more was going to come.

People started discussing about Virat’s future as if they have seen Virat playing from his childhood. I heard someone saying,” jab tak vo khada he chance he jitne ka, baki shikhar aur rohit pet toh bharsosa hi nahi he ab.” I smiled at his confidence. How can one forget Shikhar and Rohit’s Contribution against Australia in one day internationals few months ago? People gave them all the credits and made them superstar. Some even predicted that India’s future is in safe hands because of this opening pair. There was a lot more than this. And the people, who accepted them as their role model, were now actually criticizing them. This reminded me of an advertisement “Jab tak balla saath de raha he; thaat he.” Yes, a beautiful quote form Birla Sun life Insurance had a lot to say on the current mentality of Cricket lovers. All that matters is your performance. As long as you are performing, you would always be on charts. The moment you depress us with your performance, we would hardly take seconds to bring you back on the ground.


Soon the topic shifted from India’s current status to what India could do in upcoming tournaments. One such tournament that has already created hype is Cricket World Cup 2015. The train halted near Goregoan Station and that ensured I still had 10 minutes to enjoy “best discussions from best viewers.” The person standing just next to me had some idea about the tournament’s date and venues. That was enough for him to become a part of the discussion. ” Australia k pitch pe bhi kuch nahi kar payenge yeh log, dhoni ka balla chala toh chala, yeh team bananewale gauti aur sehwag bhai ko bhi nahi liye,” he completed in one go. By ‘team bananewale’ he meant ‘BCCI selectors’ and by ‘gauti’ he meant ‘Gautam Gambhir.’ Seeing his confidence and self belief, I actually wanted to ask him, “Who according to you should play 2015 world cup?” Then the discussion slowly moved towards upcoming Cricket world Cup. Soon, train halted at Andheri station and I had to get down. I was actually enjoying their discussions but had to go. Had I stayed there for few more minutes that would have surely given me some more lovely predictions. That made one thing clear; there is a lot more cricket alive in people and fans. And you don’t need to search that love for cricket in India. Here, you can find this love in many forms. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open, Cricket would surely knock at your eardrums. Just as I witnessed today, many of you might be witnessing it every day. There was a learning form whatever happened today in the train. The very first thing I learned was that Cricket needs no language to be expressed. Cricket needs no religion to be followed. Cricket needs no special attention to be discussed. All it needs is a true Cricketing heart in you. And everything would automatically fall in its place.

Keeping in mind, all that happened today in my 30 minutes train journey, I decided to share it with you. I wanted to share with you the love and attachment people have for this game. The way they consider Great Gautam Gambhir as simply gauti, the way they trust Virat Kohli, the way they have faith in M S Dhoni. India has lots and lots to achieve through this game. And I Vishal Yadav, take this wonderful opportunity to keep this love alive in you by bringing in more and more wonderful articles related to Cricket. Not just Indian Cricket, I would make sure to write more about International Cricket as well. And I, with the help of Global Cricket Community take this honor to write, spread and explore more and more about CRICKET.

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