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Just go back to your school days and try to recollect those funny moments you had. Rewind your life’s few years and you will find yourself in a very pretty situation. There were hardly any fears, hardly any hopes. All that mattered to us was our new school bag, new compass box and new uniform. We were free to express our thoughts, free to tell our emotions. And one thing that guaranteed us this pleasure was our - ESSAYS. In spite of having those limitations in the number of words, we always made a point to write at least one and half page of our book; leaving two finger spaces; taking those 5 marks into consideration. JUST FIVE! There were times when I used to mug up those essays. I know many of us did that. And we are neither ashamed of it. I still remember one of my school incidents which I would like to share with you before I take you to the actual topic.

I was in my first grade and once took part in Inter-School Essay writing competition. Participating in all these competitions ensured one thing –PARTICIPATION CERITIFICATE; and I was very fond of that. There were three topics given to us. First was “Science: a boon or a curse.” Second was “If I were a prime minister.” And third was:” History of Cricket.” That’s it. We had to make decisions. Firstly, who cared a damn whether Science was a boon or a curse?  But if you ask me, I still remember my science teacher’s name. As far as prime minister was concerned, I did not even know the name of India’s actual Prime Minister. Forget of me becoming a one! There I was left with no other option. I at least had SOME idea about cricket. And that SOME was SOMEWHERE asking me to get along with this one. There was nothing new in that. Cricket by default finds place in every Indian’s heart and I was one of them. So calculating all those permutations and combinations, I finally decided to go with CRICKET. “Woowww,” I exclaimed, writing about the topic that was always dear to my heart. Moment I heard, cricket, I started recollecting whatever I could. But it was not just cricket; I was expected to write about “HISTORY OF CRICKET!” I took my Apsara Dark pencil and started pouring out my thoughts. And, there I went – Cricket has history. It is very nice. History of Cricket is also very nice. I love to play Cricket. Cricket, I play with Rahul. Rahul is my friend. We play in the ground. Rahul has balls and also bat. Sachin my favorite player. I want to be come Sachin one day. He is a nice player. He is good cricket. My dad also play cricket very nice. He gift me a bat on bday. Mom gift me small hot wheels car. I go with Rahul in buildings garden. Last match I made 12 runs. Rahul made only 11. I won with him. That is why I love playing only cricket. I wish I could recall few more lines here.. well this is it. And I ended my essay something like this.. Therefore this is history of cricket.

That was how I murdered English, Cricket and its so-called-history. There was neither any Cricket nor any History there. But what else can you expect from a 6 year old boy? I wish I could recollect some more of those OVER-WHELMING thoughts that kept on coming that day. And guess what, I even felt that we had limited time; otherwise I could have done some more wonders. Confidence, just pure confidence!! Frankly speaking, I was quite amazed seeing the results that were declared, later in the evening. To my surprise I secured 86th Rank out of 100 students participating in the essay competition. Disaster, a pure disaster!! It was then I realized what HISTORY I had created. But somewhere I feel very happy because these days always bring a smile on our face. They remind us how stupid we were and how maturely we have grown now. And some still growing.


Amidst all these, even Cricket kept on growing and its history kept on celebrating. Years rolled by, days and moths passed, but Cricket never stopped. It went on to influence people and its reputation grew manifold. For us, the day we were born, Cricket became our companion. We started treating it like our friend, like our brother, like our class-mate. Just like me, there were several others who had a lot to say about this game, for some their words became a barrier. For some, their environment did not allow them to express their feelings for this game. In all these ups and downs, there was one thing that never stopped. There was one thing that never looked back it its past. There was one thing that came as a revolution and took many of us along with it. And that one thing was HISTORY OF CRICKET. It’s just out of the reach of our imagination. And that is the magic it holds, that is the pride Cricket has. That is the reputation this game has earned in these many years.

There was lot many changes that people came across in this game. For some it was a change in the format, for some it was change in the rules and regulations and some considered it as a mere advancement. New policies were introduced, new traditions came into picture. All these added to just one thing - HISTORY OF CRICKET. Technologies were brought in, well equipped facilities were given a seat, and all these were just a part of its never ending history. Started way back in 1300, could you ever believe that; it’s almost 700 years now. Do we still need any history about Cricket? Well that’s it. No matter how far Cricket’s journey has been, I would always pray one thing. CRICKET, may you expand your territory throughout this world. May you earn lots and lots of histories. Just do a favour for US -  MAKE US A SMALL PART OF YOUR HISTORY.

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