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We all know Cricket is highly paid sport in India and most of the countries when it comes to national & international level. When we first time hold the bat and start playing cricket we always dream of becoming a cricketer by hook or by crook. Because we all tend to think that becoming a Cricketer is the only way to build a solid reputation and earn a living out of it. There are a few people who know the different ways to earn a living in Cricket and because of this, we don’t know the eligibility and exams that are held by BCCI or the State's Cricket body for cricket lovers who want to make their career in Cricket. So here I am to tell you the Eligibility criteria to get employment in cricket in India.

In our previous article written by Founder of Global Cricket Community Mr. Swapnil Karekar, he has mentioned the career options available in cricket.

Here I have noted down the posts that can give you employment in Cricket. 

  • Umpires
  • Official Scorers
  • Commentators
  • Coaches
  • Groundsman and Pitch Curators
  • Media And Promotion
  • Administrative Work


Every game is incomplete without the umpires/referees. The Umpire plays a vital role in every sport. Many of us have the passion to become and official umpire and want to be there on the field to enjoy the game and earn a living out of it. Below mentioned are the Eligibility Criterias.

According to the Umpire Chaudhary, to become an umpire you must have played cricket either at the club or state level.

Skills and Knowledge that you must have to become an Umpire:

1) A candidate should know the 42 rules of cricket
2) A candidate must be very Patient.
3) A candidate should be able to take spontaneous Decision
4) A candidate must have incisive understanding of the game.

Eligibility To become umpire? Four Simple Steps

  1. A candidate must have to qualify for the theory and Practical exams conducted by the State sports body time to time. After getting qualified, the candidates who live in Mumbai can get registered to MCA who takes the Cricket umpiring courses for freshers.
  2. A candidate will become eligible for an exam conducted by BCCI after clearing the level one and level two. Then the candidate makes it into BCCI - Umpire Panel and can do umpiring at the highest level of tournament conducted by BCCI.
  3. After seeing the Candidate's growth BCCI endorses him/her to the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the candidate can join the race to be an International Umpire.
  4. A candidate needs to score more than 90% to qualify to the next level of Umpiring. 

Pay scale: As per the report an Umpire will be getting fixed amount of around INR 15,000/- per National Match. The payment for Corporate and Local Tournaments is comparatively low, Approximately INR 1200/- per match.

International Match: You will be getting $800 to % 1000 per ODI (As per the newspaper report)

Institutes or Academies : GCA (Gujarat Cricket Association) Umpires Academy is the academy who has various Courses to become an Cricket Umpire at various levels.

Cricket Scorer:

To become an official Scorer and earn a living throught it, you need to follow the following steps and eligibility criteria:

Steps To become an Official Scorer:

1. A candidate needs to register to their local Cricket Association under the category where you want to represent yourself as a scorer. The Local Cricket Association conducts the exam every year for Cricket Scorers.

2. After Clearing this exam the candidate will qualify to the State Level exam. (MCA is considered as a State Board)

3. After Scoring passing percentage of 80% in your state level exam for scoring you will be qualified to the BCCI Examination and State Level examination

Skills And Fees:

1. A candidate needs to enroll to the local cricket association (The fees varies as per the association)

2. A candidate needs to know the signals given by the umpires and other various skills such as mathematics calculating strike rate, calculating batting and bowling averages, Require Run rate, Net run rate etc.

Pay Scale: Every Cricketing Scorer have different type of pay scale according to the level.

  • Local Association Tournament : 750/- per match (MCA Recognized Tournament)

Educational Qualification and Age criteria :

  • There is no specific age group and educational qualification required to become an official scorer 

Cricket Commentator:

Some of the people are really good at public speaking and communication skills. One can surely consider Cricket Commentator as a career option if you love Cricket and want to earn a living through it. 
Cricket Commentator is the only job where you need a good qualification and great knowledge about cricket and English as well as the preferred language in which you would love to do commentary.

Qualification Criteria to become an official Commentator:

1. Degree : Bachelors degree.
2. Degree field: Braodcasting, Journalism, Communication
3. Experience: On job Training typically required.

What are the Skills required to become the commentator?

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Listening and Interpersonal Skills
  • Research Ability
  • Media production Skills
  • Appealing and well- Groomed Appearance, Familarity with editing softwares
  • Broadcast equipment and telecommunication systems.

Pay scale: As a professional Commentator you will be getting INR 50000/- to 1 lac per match.

Here I have mentioned few cricket roles and eligibility criteria to earn a living through Cricket. There are many more roles like this and we will be continuing to update this article gradually. We will analyze the response and would love to continue this topic as per the visitors response. So make sure you comment about your views and suggestions.
Thank you for reading this article. For more articles like this stay tuned and keep supporting


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