Viral Limbachiya left hand batsman top orderViral Limbachiya (India)

born 11 July 1999 in Gujarat, India

Playing Role: Top Order Batsman

Batting Style: Left Hand Batsman

Fielding Position: Mid on and infield

Coach: Swapnil Karekar (Accredited ICC Level 2)

Teams: Global Cricket Community  (Mumbai, India.)

Tournaments Played: None, Looking for clubs play in tournament



Viral Limbachiya contacted coach Swapnil Karekar in 2017 and told his desire to be a professional cricket player. Viral was invited by coach to learn at Mumbai. He shifted from Anand, Gujarat to his uncle's residence in Mumbai. From December 2017 to July 2018 he took coaching and training from Accredited ICC Level 2 coach Swapnil Karekar. He has been in Mumbai learning and practising the cricket techniques and skills.

Viral currently is confident about his attacking batting style. His best strokes include the pull, square cut, cover drive and straight drive. His aim is to be a professional cricketer playing for India national team. He wishes to play for clubs around the world. Coach Swapnil Karekar says " Viral is a talented player, his style is attacking and technique is based on fast hand movements. Viral times the ball very well, another positive is that he plays the ball late and hits it hard. He loves the Pull shot and plays it effectively."

Viral has a strong  desire to be a top class cricketer. His family and friends are also happy with his progress in cricket as they see his passion, hardwork and respect for the game of cricket. We at Global Cricket Community wish him all the best in his cricket and life.

 Batting Video clips:

Interview of Viral Limbachiya with Tushar Sawant


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