Afrin Padania Cricket Player

Afrin Padania (India)

Born 7 July 1995, Mumbai - India

Playing role: Allrounder

Right Arm Legspin + top order bat

Batting Style: Right-Hand Bat

Bowling Style: Legspin

Current Coach: Nitin Tandel (MCA)

Other Coaches: Swapnil Karekar (ICC)

Teams: Amar Cricket Club (Mumbai MCA)

Tournaments played: Mumbai Cricket Association Inter Club (Women)



Afrin Padania came to Global Cricket Community 2 years ago. She has been active in many sports at school and college level. Her cricket has developed a lot in last 2 years. Coach Nitin Tandel and Coach Swapnil Karekar speak highly of her sporting spirit and hard work. Recently she played in the Mumbai Cricket Association women's matches and performed well in batting and bowling. Afrin initially started as a medium pace bowler and was looking for chances to play more matches. Currently, she is an all-rounder, batting at the top order and bowling legspin.
Afrin's goal for coming to Global Cricket Community is to get her more cricket opportunities, Coach Swapnil Karekar has been mentoring her about her career and cricket skills. Afrin Padaiya wants to play cricket as an India national team player in the coming years. She has very good cricket skills and global cricket community is looking to connect her to clubs and international coaches to take her to the high-level professional cricket.
She comes from a lower middle-class family which support her dream of playing cricket. Her mother has been coming regularly during her visits to training and meeting coaches while her father supports her financially. Afrin in good in her college and recently completed her degree in commerce. Global Cricket Community appeals to all cricket fans and followers to promote and support Afrin in her way towards becoming a national player.

Recent Matches

Bowling 4 overs 8 runs 3 wickets Batting 2(3)
for Amar Cricket Club  Versus XYZ  played at Club Dadar Gymkhana - 23 May 2017 Scorecard.

Bowling 4 overs 12 runs 1 wicket Batting Not Out 32(30) 3 Fours
for Poisar Gymkhana(B) Versus Chimaji Appa Vasai at Bengal CC, Dadar - 22 May 2017 Scorecard.

Bowling 4 overs 16 rubs 1 wicket Batting Not Out 42(43) 1 Fours
for Poisar Gymkhana(B) Versus Wilson Gymkhana at Bengal CC, Dadat - 18 May 2017 Scorecard.


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 Afrin's Mother wishes her a successful cricket career.


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